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Adam Thomas, BS
GIS Specialist
Jessica Del Bozque
Project Archaeologist

Jessica Del Bozque received her B.A. in Anthropology in 2010.  She has worked in the Pacific Northwest, Great Basin, and Southwest.  In 2011, she began as a staff archaeologist for MOAC.  Responsibilities at MOAC include fieldwork, which entails leading crews in surveys, defining and recording archaeological sites including NRHP assessments, and site mapping, and excavation.  Jessica is also responsible for site form and report preparation, curation, and artifact analysis. (

Adam has an extensive background in GIS and its use in archaeology. Adam has been with MOAC since 2006.  He received his B.S. in Environmental Science with a concentration in GIS in 2003 from Mesa State College.  His responsibilities include management of GIS and GPS data, map and data preparation and illustration for reports, and field work. (


       Montgomery Archaeological Consultants, Inc. (MOAC) provides archaeological, historical, and ethnographic services to federal and state agencies, as well as to private industry.  MOAC serves as an active and viable team member ensuring compliance with federal and state antiquity laws for undertakings and developments that potentially put significant cultural resources at risk.  By actively seeking solutions among developers, land management agencies, and various interested parties, MOAC strives to protect our Nation’s vital cultural and historical heritage, while ensuring that projects can be completed with minimal time delays and expense, by finding optimal and creative solutions to potential conflicts.  MOAC’s team-based approach ensures timely completion of projects, regardless of complexity or controversy, by proactively identifying potential issues and communicating with land managers and concerned parties early in the process to limit costly delays.  
       In its 20 years of business, MOAC has gained a reputation as fair and honest cultural resource specialists who work collaboratively to ensure that cultural resources are identified, evaluated, and mitigated in a manner that is beneficial to science, conservation, and economic prosperity.  MOAC has a long history of providing sound cultural resource management strategy and advocacy that benefits industry, government, and the concerned public.  While no solution is perfect, MOAC’s open collaborative methods have aided in the completion of thousands of successful projects.  MOAC archaeologists and anthropologists are ready to help you navigate the complex realm of cultural heritage requirements and mandates to complete your project while ensuring the preservation of our collective historical and cultural heritage.

Jody J. Patterson, Ph.D.
Principal Investigator

Jody has 25 years of archaeological experience and is a principal investigator for MOAC, where he has worked since 2001. He received his MA in Southwest Studies/Anthropology in 1996 and his doctorate in Anthropology in 2010.  Jody has worked in the Great Basin, Colorado Plateau, the American Southwest, Interior Alaska, and Egypt. (               CV

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